Beginning Again

As the librarian at a Track E school, we have begun work four weeks earlier than the rest of Chicago Public Schools. I’m now edging towards wrapping up my third week with students.

I’m trying this year to maintain my tech focus. It may be more difficult this year since the person who maintained the computer lab last year was moved into the classroom and the computer position has been closed due to budget cuts.

I have kept my position, though and for that I am thankful. I have started the year by updated my Wiki. I cleaned up some of the old student work I had posted and just kept some of the best examples. I have been presenting the old student work to some of my classes to give them ideas of what kind of projects I’d like to do with the this year. So far they are excited and so am I.

I still have to complete a student Wiki project and I have been discussing ideas with the 6th grade teachers. I am hoping to make the project very collaborative and work in sync with the teachers, since that is partly why my attempt last year turned out so disastrous.

I also hope to maintain my blog. I like that it gives me a chance to reflect on what I am doing (even if nobody else actually reads it anymore). Also, writing down what I am planning makes it feel more concrete and gives me more incentive to follow through. Hopefully this year will be even better than last.

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