I know at this point that I will not be completing a class of Wikis. I gave it a try and they did not quite work, but the experience has prepared me to try again next year with a new batch of kids.

However, I did not want to end the year without giving Animoto a good try with some students. I’ve played around a little with it on my own and I really love the program, so I wanted to make sure I introduced it to some students.

This morning I brought 8 students into the library. I have 2 desktop computers and I borrowed 6 laptops from the computer lab to help me with this project. While I got the LCD projector hooked up, I had the students write about their favorite book. I then showed them the two book trailers that I had made and told them that they would be making their own.

Their first task was to find their photos. I taught the students how to search for only photos that were labeled for reuse and I also showed them how to copy the web addresses of the pictures. They were instructed to find about 8 photos they wanted to use. This was the part that took the longest. Some difficulty was added because the laptops were all Macs and the computer I was projecting with was a PC. I had to explain everything twice and on a few occasions I had to borrow a Mac to figure out the right commands.

After that, the rest was fairly easy. We uploaded the photos into Animoto using the generic accounts I set up. Then the students were able to rearrange the photos and add text. I found the students’ grammar skills very frustrating. They  didn’t have to write in complete sentences, but there were lots of problems with capitalization. I tried to fix what I could, but I still saw several errors after the students finished their videos. I’d like to go back and edit them, but I don’t want to mess too much with their work. Next time I just might have to be more rigorous about checking them before the videos are finalized.

The results were very nice. Even with the errors, Animoto does such a  good job putting the videos together that they are fantastic. The students were very impressed with their work. I’ve already uploaded them to the library Wiki under Book Recommendations. I might try to do a few more, but I also have to work on my presentation for the ELITE culminating event. We’ll see how much time I have.

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  1. Stacie: The Animotos look great! I like the way you embedded them right into your wiki. Good job!

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