Last week, I began working with the 2nd Graders in preparation for their VoiceThreads. I began by talking about life cycles. I showed them a short video about the life cycle of a butterfly,  then as a class, we wrote some sentences about each of the stages.

The next day, I gave the students each a fact sheet about the life cycle of an animal. I had 6 different choices for the students. Each student was also given a cycle graphic organizer. Based on their information, the students had to identify each stage and write a sentence about it. I also created a pathfinder for each animal that had pictures of all the stages. Students then used the pathfinder to choose which pictures they would like to use in their VoiceThread.

This week, I have been bringing students into the library individually (whenever I can grab a few minutes) to do the voice overs. I have ten done and posted on my Library Wiki! As a stroke of luck, the 1st graders will be studying butterflies next week. I offered to show the class the 2nd graders VoiceThreads (for those that did the butterfly). This will spread my VoiceThread impact even further.

I’m very excited to see the end in sight for at least one of my projects. The Glogs have been coming along, too. Many of them are almost done and I am confident that this will be accomplished, too. I have found another teacher to try Wikis with, since the last ones didn’t go over too well. I’m just worried about the time needed to make Wikis successful. I haven’t started on my final project, the Animoto book trailers, yet. I’m not too worried about those, though. I’m planning to take a few students from several classes to do that. In doing so, I will impact more grade levels and next year I can have many experts to help me do book trailers with whole classes.

May is almost over and I know June will fly by!

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  1. Stacie: It sounds like you really have a plan that can work in your school. I can’t wait to see what the kids have created. I like the fact that you’ve embedded significant research in the technology. I expect that the kids will have learned the content even more deeply since they are interacting more with the information. Thanks for sharing.

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