Chugging Along

Well, my plan to have students in the library did not turn out too well this week and the projects are piling up. Many of my fourth graders have been working on their Glogs at home and I have been checking on them online. They are really working hard on them. I’m so proud.

On the other hand, I think my 6th grade Wikis are dead. A few students have tinkered with them, but since the classroom has moved on, so have the students. Its a bit disappointing, but a learning experience. Depending on how the rest of my projects go, I may try to do another Wiki project. However, timing and classroom support will play a big factor in this.

I have one more week and then I will be having a book fair from May 17th to the 21st. I am able to have my book fair in the library and I typically don’t have to see classes that week. I’m hoping that I can utilize my parent volunteers and my student teacher to continue working on some of these projects as well as the new Animotos during the fair. It will be busy, but it must get done.

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  1. Stacie: I’m glad to hear that the glogs are working well for you.

    I’m sorry to hear that your wiki project did not pan out with the 6th graders. Did the teacher agree to collaborate with you for 3 – 5 class periods? That was suggested in the activity guidelines and that should be sufficient for them to manage their research. Technology should not be considered an extra, but a way to do what they already plan to do. Sixth graders should be conducting research fairly frequently, so this is just a way to move them from the paper and pen, so they can collaborate and to aid in assessment. You’ll have to provide links to a class set of wikis for Project ELITE. Talk to me if you find that you will be unable to complete that this year.

    The animotos should be really good to show during the book fair to promote some of the books you will be selling. Good luck with the preparations!

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