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I have begun working on a Wiki for the Library. I feel a bit scattered. It seems like I’ve been reinventing the wheel over and over. The Library Glog I made already has much of what I will be putting into the Wiki, at least to start with. I’m worried that I will have several websites floating in the abyss and I will not be able to keep track of them all. This will only be exacerbated if Pirie actually gets our act together and creates a school web site, something I’ve been lobbying for since I started there.

I do see potential for a Wiki, though. I will be able to create pages for links to student work and have the ability to use widgets. No matter what, I must get a handle on this soon. On Thursday I will be with my 6th graders in the computer lab. I will show them how to set up their Wiki for their research project and go over databases once again. Then I will let them do research. I should have time for them to get some meaty work done since I have rearranged three teachers’ schedules in order to give me a 90 minute block in the lab. I just hope their attention will hold that long.

I should be able to do some experimenting with my Wiki tomorrow. It is report card pick up and typically I am left alone in the library and no parents come see me. occasionally a student might pop their head in and wave, but even that is a rarity. At least I should be able to get some work done.

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  1. Stacie: The purpose of Project ELITE is to introduce you to various new technologies that you can use with kids. You probably won’t use all of them consistently once the program is over, but at least you’ll have a bigger toolbox to use with your students. The nice thing about the wiki is that you can embed the glog in it and just make your changes at Glogster. It’s a great way to make your wiki more interactive and visual than just using a lot of text.

    Good luck today!

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