Research for Glogster

In the morning, I will meet with the 4th grade class and we will begin to prepare for their Glogsters. In this first session, I will be reviewing how to access the databases to find information. I’ve prepared a worksheet with all the questions they must answer on their Glog. The class is scheduled to be in the computer lab in the afternoon and I expect (hope and pray) that most of them will be able to gather the information that they need. As a last resort, we may be able to print the articles of the students who do not complete their research in class and they will be able to complete it at home.

I’ve also create a rubric to go with the glog. The teacher was very excited about using this project for several grades: research, technology, writing, speaking and social studies. I tried to incorporate all that into my rubric. I resisted, however, providing step by step directions for creating the glog. I want the students to explore it and be creative. If I dictate their every click, I’ll end up with a bunch of pages that look exactly the same. It will be a learning experience for all of us.

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  1. Stacie: Your plan shows great teaching. You’ve integrated the curriculum, the technology, and the assessment – all show the epitome of good school librarianship. I think you are correct to let the students learn a bit about the technology themselves. They will probably dive right in and help each other. I wish you success. This will likely be a project you’ll want to share with others due to the comprehensive nature of your plan.

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