I began speaking with the 6th grade teacher to find out what projects she has planned for her students for the rest of the quarter. I briefly explained that I wanted to help the students to create a wiki based on what they are currently working on.

The teacher began coming up with ideas the students could research. I had to stop her and explain that I do not want to assign the kids a new project – I am merely adding on to what they are already working on.

I hope we can find some common ground. Unfortunately, by this time in the year, many teachers are winding down on heavy research and projects. I may have to be extra creative. She mentioned that they might look at poetry this month and I suggested the students could investigate different types of poetry or specific authors. Once she gets a handle on her plans for the class, I can come up with a firmer project to integrate with the students.

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  1. Stacie: I’m glad you emphasized to the teacher to keep focused on things they are already doing. Although the focus for these wikis is research, it does not have to be heavy research this time. For example, they can gather information for the biography of a famous poet, look at related poetry in that style, share some examples of that poet’s work, gather related pictures, and perhaps even write their own poem.

    • That’s funny, Lisa. That is almost exactly what we are doing. The teacher is assigning them a type of poetry to write about. Then the students have to research an author who writes in that style. Finally, the students will craete their own example of that type of poetry.
      It should be fairly simple, but the teacher wants the project due before the end of the month. I don’t know if they’ll be able to complete a Wiki by then.
      It will be an experience.

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