I recently used Glogster to create a website for my school library. It was a fairly simple process, but there were many different choices to play with. It probably took me longer than it should have because I kept making changes and playing with the features.

At first, I was very nervous about using Glogster with a class. It seemed like it would be too hard to integrate both the content I wanted them to show and learn and new technology/presentation tool. Which aspect would my focus be on?

I’ve now sat down and begun conferencing with the teacher I will be working with. We went over her curriculum for the next few weeks and looked for areas that the students could research and present on. Since their reading theme is innovations, their first story is about inventions. We are going to run with this idea and have the students research an invention. They will find basic information  (dates, people involved, etc.), but also look deeper and investigate the scientific and social impact of the inventions. If I can figure out how to work in a little math we’ll be all set. At least if this was a perfect world and everything works out just as it should. Anyone want to place bets?

We are going to meet this week to set up a rubric so we know what we want the students to do. Then I will do a presentation with the LCD projector and laptop show how to find the information they need and create a Glog. I’ll do this in the library or in their classroom so they can’t be distracted the computers in front of them as they would in the lab. Then we will set them loose.

I’ve begun preparing for the other projects as well. The class Wikis, though, make me a little nervous. That seems like it will be the most difficult to do. Because  the Wikis will be heavily text-based, I think I will have to work with my sixth graders for that one. I just need to meet with the teacher to see where I can integrate this into her planned curriculum.

 It all seems to be coming together, I just hope there isn’t a collision.

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  1. Stacie: It’s great to read about the insightful ways you are integrating the technology with the curriculum to more powerfully engage the students. I can understand your nervousness in trying something new with the kids, but I’ll be you’ll have some who get it right away and just take off on it. When I read what other teachers experience in using glogs, it seems that the kids really like it.

    Good idea to do wikis with 6th graders. Of course, younger students can do wikis, too, but since we are using it for full-fledged research, it makes sense to try it with that age level.

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