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In many of the Project Elite online meetings, we have been exploring various social medias including Facebook, Second Life and Safari Live. At this early stage, I think we spend more time learning to use the technology than learning through the technology.

Despite this, though, I see great potential in these formats. In our meeting in Second Life, we listened to Sara Kelly Johns, a candidate for ALA Presidency, speak about her ideas and plans for the future of ALA. Without this technology, I never would have interacted with this candidate and probably not have paid too much attention to the election until it became closer to voting time.

I’ve learned from personal experiences how important social learning can be. Being part of a community effort provides focus and motivation to complete any project. In school, I have been a part of study groups and cohorts that work together to keep everyone on track. The new social media is simply an outcrop of this in which participants interact virtually rather than in person. No matter what format is used, the result is the same – an increase of learning.

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  1. Stacie: You raise a good point. It is not about the technology, but about how it helps us to connect with each other to learn and grow.

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