Word Clouds

One of our recent assignments with Project ELITE was to check out Word Clouds. Word Clouds are a visual representation of a written work. In general, the more often a word is repeated, the bigger it will appear visually. This allows for themes to be more obviously presented.

I have used word clouds before, using Wordle, but this time around I created one using Word It Out. This program was fun and very easy to use. Here is the Word Cloud I created based on a Chicago Sun Times article on the final Olympic game medal count:

Olympic Word Cloud

I especially liked how easily you can edit the words by deleting non-essential words, such as “the”. Also, if there is a word you want to be more prominent, you can increase its value. You can also play with different color combinations.

A conversation the very next day with the Literacy teacher had me introducing her to this new technology and had us throwing back and forth ideas of how to use it with students as a teaching device. I’m excited to see where this might lead us.

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  1. How great that you were able to mention word clouds to a teacher the very next day! I like Wordle, too, but it went down for a while right when we were planning to use it. It is back up now, but someone is challenging their right to it. Please keep us informed about how you use it with your students.

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