Smiles Make the World Go ‘Round

Recently, I read an article posted at ALA Learning entitled On Sunshine, Smiles and Kittens. On the heels of recent workplace violence, the author, Marianne Lenox, discusses the importance of kindness in the workplace. The difference between presenting oneself with a smile or a frown can impact the way people interact with you.

While Lenox commented mainly on the effects that positive attitude has on the interaction between coworkers, I immediately translated this to the effect on students. Whenever I greet students either coming into the library or in the hallway, I always try to smile and have a positive attitude.

Positive engery can feed off of itself. If I can be happy and cheerful, no matter how tired and rundown I may otherwise feel, I can create a good experience for my students. Unfortunately, many children are not surrounded by smiles and mine might be the only one they see all day. Despite this, however, usually they will return it.

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  1. Stacie: What a great article and an even better attitude! Your post also made me smile just picturing the happy faces of your students. The positive energy you share with your students undoubtedly makes them more open to your instruction, too.

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