Digital Storytelling

This week the Project Elite group looked at Digital Storytelling. We visited the Voice Thread  site and viewed the voice threads that had been completed by others, including one introducing the Department of Libraries Professional Library. Our main discussion was how to integrate this into our library curriculums.

I have learned digital story telling before, in a summer workshop given by the Teaching Excellence Network. I created a story using iMovie with audio manipulated by Audacity. I throughly enjoyed the experience and was proud of my finished product. However, the length of time it took me to finish, made me reluctant to try it with students.

Creating a Voice Thread, however, takes much less time. This application offers fewer manipulation options. While this might frustrate an advanced user, like me, who likes to endlessly play with transitions and effects, it is definitely more efficient when you only have a limited amount of time to create a final product.

I have been tossing around ideas for how to use Voice Thread with my students, and I think I have a project in mind. Recently, I read a fourth grade class My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks. The story is full of similes and after finishing it, the students were all instructed to write similes that showcased their own personality traits. I believe I can manipulate this into a Voice Thread if the students find a picture for each simile, then use their simile as the audio portion. Since they have already written similes, some of this work is already done.

I think the major challenge will be allowing the students time to find pictures to illustrate their traits. I only have two computers in the library, therefore finding computer lab time is essential. I’m also interested in encouraging the students to use creative commons images. I’ve been looking at several sites that allow for CC use, but I’m always reluctant to send students off to find photos: you never know (despite sometimes ridiculous filters used by Chicago Public Schools) what images will pop up.

This project will take much planning and experimentation and I hope I will bw up for it. Stay tuned for updates!

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  1. Stacie: You are certainly giving a lot of thought about how to best use VoiceThread. It is a challenge to do something like this with only two computers, but perhaps with the right collaborating teacher, part of it can be combined with art time.

    I looked at a few other options before deciding to include VoiceThread in our Project ELITE training. It seemed like this was the best choice for those just starting out, but I agree that it has some limitations.

    Perhaps in the future, when others see the great technology projects that come out of the library, there will be a way to get more computers there. I look forward to seeing your library VoiceThread.

    Great reflections!

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